Special Application Printer
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A company that has spent the last 65 years providing  innovative and future oriented answers—from desk-side shredders to large-volume shredders and  from small manual paper cutters to large hydraulic automatic cutters.
All document shredders(security level 1-5) and paper cutters are safety tested and bear the certificate “GS-Tested Safety”




                   *Low cost small office model

                   *6-8 A4 sheets capacity

                   *Straight cut/cross cut
1123/1124/1224 S/C

                   *Professional shredder for each office

                   *8-24 A4 sheets capacity

                   *cutting CDs(only1224S)

                   *Straight cut/cross cut


2125/2239/3140/5140 S/C

                   *High capacity model for computer depts

                   *18-47 A4/A3 sheets capacity

                   *Straight cut/cross cut



5146/6040 S/C

                   *Large volume shredder with conveyor

                   *35-100 A4 sheets capacity

                   *Straight cut/Cross cut



*Centralised high capacity shredder with baler

*500-600 sheet capacity with files&clips


Paper Box

                *Collect & shred

                   *In-house solution for document security

EBA Paper Cutting Machines


                   *A4 to A2 format
EBA Hydraulic Precision Cutting Machines

                   *Heavy duty & automatic operation

                   *Hydraulic precision cutting


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